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The Social Capital Institute

The Social Capital Institute is the embodiment of the passion of a tribe who follow ‘Social Capital thinking’ as a way of life. We believe that ‘Social Capital’ is the primary driver of success of the human race, and its understanding and adoption can have a significant impact on an individual and the collective. The Social Capital Institute was built with a mission to educate and empower the world with this thinking.

The institute’s activities are broadly, not limited to, the following

  • Evangelize the concept of “Social Capital” and “KarmaSocial Capital”
  • Encourage and empower organizations and individuals to adopt the ‘Social Capital’ thinking
  • Quantification and Methodology for practical adoption and development of the concept

What is Social Capital?

The act of ‘being social’ and the focus on ‘building networks’ has seen an unprecedented rise in popularity in recent times. The extra-ordinary adoption of community based social networking platforms have added to this furor. The general understanding is that the size of one’s network is their ‘Social Capital’. However the Social Capital Institute believes that ‘Networks’ and ‘Social Capital’ are not the same.

The Institute defines ‘Social Capital’ as the “ ‘Relevance’ that an individual or an organization brings to its network, irrespective of the network size”.

This difference, though seems small, is profound and calls for a substantial change in the way ‘Social Capital’ as a concept is understood, nurtured and measured. This change in thinking requires a movement in itself. The Social Capital Institute was established to drive this change.

The Karma Methodology

Building ones Social Capital with others has traditionally been the approach to success in personal relationships as well as businesses (for a business to build its Social Capital with prospects and customers). However, if what matters to the ‘others’ with whom you are trying to build your Social Capital is to enhance theirs, then the best way to build your Social Capital with them is to enhance their Social Capital. This simple and intuitive approach to building Social Capital is what we term as “KarmaSocial Capital”.

A deeper ponder would bring to light the extra-ordinary power that lies within the simplicity of this concept. This concept if well understood has substantial implications to personal lives as well as business strategies.

Our Evangelists